Enabling LEO signals for more resilient PNT

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Hexagon | NovAtel has partnered with Xona Space Systems and Spirent to advance LEO PNT, most recently tracking a simulated PULSAR signal with the OEM7 receiver—an industry first.

GNSS positioning is a remarkable solution, but to make it even more robust, the industry is working to develop complementary systems. Such systems provide more signals, enhancing the reliability of the positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) that so many people rely on.

Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites are among the viable options that can serve as a complement to GNSS, adding resiliency, security and precision to PNT. The satellites are closer to the Earth, providing stronger signals that are more resilient to spoofing and jamming, and obstruction by everyday obstacles for enhanced availability.

A collaboration between NovAtel, Xona Space Systems and Spirent Communications to advance LEO PNT through simulation and modelling has recently demonstrated that the OEM7 receiver from NovAtel tracked a PULSAR L-Band signal simulated from Spirent’s new SimXona PULSAR constellation simulator—a first in the industry.

“We don’t have to build brand new hardware to accommodate the PULSAR signal. So that is exciting, that we already can support it with our existing hardware and it’s a new signal that has a lot of potential on both resiliency and precision aspects.”

– Sandy Kennedy, vice president of innovation, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division

What you will learn

This article features first-hand interviews with Xona, Spirent and NovAtel providing insight into what it means to the GNSS industry, as well as detailed results of the PULSAR simulation including the differences between the Xona signal compared to GPS and how it performed in a jamming test.

Xona’s Huginn payload completes environmental testing prior to integration onto the spacecraft for its launch in May 2022.

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No guarantee is expressed or implied by Hexagon | NovAtel or affiliates regarding the inclusion of Xona PULSAR signal tracking capability in future firmware releases of OEM7 receivers.

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