Antcom delivers leading edge RF technology to customers developing systems and solutions for the defense, aerospace, unmanned, survey and agriculture markets. Explore the sections below to see products tailored to your application.

Aerospace and Space

Our aerospace products include low-profile and multi-band blade antennas for lightweight, low aerodynamic drag antenna solutions.  


Our agriculture antennas are designed with reliability in mind to ensure your antenna is always operational when you need it most.  

Defense Platforms

Our defense products are designed to meet MIL-STD-810 standards and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Rugged Mobile

Antcom antennas are efficient in their reception and transmission, enabling small antennas to effectively operate in rugged mobile applications.  


Antcom offers GNSS survey antennas in configuration designs ranging from pole mount to choke ring. 

Unmanned Systems

From airborne to underwater applications, our unmanned antenna solutions offer high performance in small packages.

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