Satcom antennas

Satcom antennas for communications, telemetry and datalink applications

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Antcom offers a variety of communications antennas in various frequencies (UHF, L-, S-, and C-Band, Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya and Inmarsat) and form factors (helical, patch and blade) to suit your application.  

Our helical elements offer exceptionally high gain through our unique air-core antenna designs. This enables the antenna to optimally capture signals, particularly at the horizon and in areas with obstructions. Our customers choose our Satcom antennas for the highest gain by form factor and cleanest signal.  

Our patch elements are also compatible with our low-profile GPS/GNSS product enclosures, enabling you to combine positioning and communications into a single solution. See our multi-band combo antennas.

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Satcom antennas


Blade antenna with separate L, S and C band connectors


3 inch blade antenna for video/data link


5 Inch Blade Antenna with Separate L, S, and C band connectors


Blade antenna with L/S and C band connectors


Blade antenna for three bands in 0.7-2.7 GHz range


Blade antenna for UHF


Helix antenna for GNSS, Iridium and Inmarsat


Iridium Helix antenna


Combo GPS L1 plus Iridium antenna


Lightweight dual-band GNSS plus Iridium helical antenna

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