CRPAs for assured positioning, navigation and timing (APNT)

For GPS/GNSS anti-jamming in contested radio frequency environments

Three CRPA antennas

Antcom is a recognized leader and primary supplier of controlled reception pattern antennas (CRPAs), which provide GPS/GNSS anti-jamming when operated with a compatible antenna electronics (AE) module. Our CRPAs work with null-forming and beamforming systems to suppress interference and jamming.  

A variety of low size, weight and power (SWaP) form factors are available with 4-element and 7-element frequency options including GPS L1/L2, GPS L1/L5 and full GNSS to capture as many available signals as possible for resilient, assured PNT.  

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FRPA footprint GPS L1/L2 CRPA


GPS L1/L2 or L1/L5 CRPA


Lightweight 7-element GPS L1/L2 CRPA


7-element GPS L1/L2 or GNSS CRPA

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