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Enabling LEO signals for more resilient PNT

A collaboration between Hexagon | NovAtel, Spirent and Xona Space Systems is pushing the low Earth orbit (LEO) movement forward.

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Mitigating jamming and spoofing with GRIT

GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) demonstrates it can successfully protect against jamming and spoofing trials in Norway.

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RoDAR the Equaliser

It was once the case that, to defeat GNSS jamming, you needed special equipment that was somewhat large, only available to defence users, and unsuitable for many civilian applications.

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Tracking New Directions

High-performance GPS anti-jam technology protects ground platforms in GPS denied, degraded, intermittent or limited (DDIL) environments.


One Size Doesn't Fit All

Antcom puts the customer into antenna customization.

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