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Survey and Geodesy

Antcom produces precise positioning and navigation antennas for land, marine, and airborne geodetic applications. Our GPS/GNSS antennas are applied in surveying, geo-information systems (GIS), mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), hydrographic, total-stations, machine control, ground reference stations and other geodetic applications. Our antennas are utilized by government agencies, hydrographic, seismic, survey, oil & gas, exploration, construction, mining, precision-farming, and other industries requiring decimeter to centimeter accuracy.

We offer a wide range of compact, embedded, low profile, and mini-helical GPS, GNSS and L-Band antennas for GIS handheld equipment, survey smart-antennas and receivers, and UAVs. Antcom also offers many 5/8” pole-mount survey antennas, and permanent-mount antennas for ground reference stations, many of which are NGS calibrated.

Antcom’s antennas are designed for highly accurate systems using the very latest real time kinematic (RTK) and precise point positioning (PPP) engineering techniques. Our rugged and hermetically sealed single-, dual-, and multi-frequency precision antennas feature exceptional radiation pattern, broad beamwidth, great axial-ratio, high multipath rejection, and high gain, providing great phase-center accuracy, stability, and reliability.

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